Two conspiracy theorists break into a lab to look for evidence to back up their claims

  • Under the Surface

  • a postcard from brod

    He has a message for you.
  • Eyes and Prize

    Your fifteen minutes of fame can last a whole lot longer than that.
  • The Last Christmas

    On Christmas morning, when the children ask: "Why are there no presents?" - You'll know who to blame.
  • Enemy of the Stars

    Stranded in a hut somewhere on the Upper Baltic, a sinister cast confront existence in this Modernist powerhouse from 1914.
  • Pussy Cat

    A film about sex, marriage and a cat. Winner of the IMDb Script to Screen Award and Best Short at the Royal Television Society West of England Awards 2013.
  • Block

    A disaffected recluse struggles to write his first novel, while around him the residents of a vast tower block battle a growing darkness.